Motorcycle Accidents

Victims of motorcycle accidents have to endure not only the injuries sustained in the accident, which are often very serious, they also are unfairly judged by society. Some drivers of cars and trucks feel they have more of a right to the road than motorcyclists. Knowing how to confront this societal bias at trial is crucial to overcoming any bias the jury may have against motorcycles.

The injuries suffered by victims of motorcycle accidents can be life-altering and permanent. Survivors of serious motorcycle accidents may be completely or partially paralyzed, be disfigured by scars, or suffer from traumatic brain injuries. Also, riding a motorcycle is often one of motorcyclists’ greatest joys in life. A serious motorcycle accident can deprive the motorcyclist, physically or mentally, from ever riding again. That loss of enjoyment of life is something that must be addressed.

While road conditions are a serious concern for everyone, they are especially concerning for motorcyclists, as they are more likely to cause a motorcycle accident than a car or truck accident. Understanding the regulations regarding proper road conditions is crucial to handling a motorcycle accident case. This includes how sharply a road can turn, hope steeply it can slope, and what angle a road can transition into the shoulder. All of these things can cause a motorcyclist to lose control, possibly resulting in severe injuries.

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