Paternity cases are on the rise.  That is because every day, more and more parents have children outside of a traditional marriage relationship.  Unfortunately, sometimes a relationship between parents does not work out, and they cannot agree on how  to co-parent their children after the relationship ends.  And that is where a paternity case arises and where The Flynn Law Firm can help.  A crucial aspect to parternity cases is that a father is known as a "putative father" until a court makes a legal determination through a paternity case that indeed that individual is the "biological father."  Simply being listed as the father on a birth certificate does not automatically bestow parental rights upon a father, although it is a helpful fact in establishing paternity.  If you live in the State of Missouri and are an expecting father, the state has set up the Putative Father Registry to help protect your rights as the biological father.  Our attorneys have helped countless mothers and fathers get some structure to their co-parenting relationship through the establishment of paternity, custody, parenting time, child support, and more.  Getting court orders in place benefits everyone—especially the children.  If you or someone else you know could benefit from more certainty in their co-parenting relationship, call to find out how we can help them achieve that goal through a paternity case.