Modification of a parenting plan or child support order are common needs in family law.  While a good parenting plan will attempt to address as many future events as possible, it is simply impossible to predict the future, especially when it comes to children.  Child support is typically the subject of modification if a "material change in circumstances" (Kansas) or a "substantial change in circusmtances" (Missouri) occurs.  In Kansas, if three years passes, it is deemed a material change in circumstances.  

Modification of visitation and child custody orders also center on a "material change in circumstances" (Kansas) or a "substantial change in circumstances" (Missouri).  Both standards are very broad and allow the Court to interpret the facts of each individual case to determine whether or not the legal standard for modification exists.  But like the original visitation or child custody order, the Court is guided at all times by the best interests of the child standard.  So while a material change in circumstance or substantial change in circumstances may have occurred, the Court may still find that the current visitation or child custody order in place is in the best interests of the child.  

If you are in need of either pursuing or defending against modification of child support, parenting time, legal custody, all three, or a combination of all three, The Flynn Law Firm can assist you.  Our attorneys have represented countless client's on both sides of a modification issue and are well versed in the issues and law that effect modification.