Division of Real Property

There are many options to consider in dealing with division of real property (real estate) in a Kansas divorce or Missouri dissolution of marriage. Whether one spouse alone can afford the houseeach month after the divorce is a critical issue. So, too, is whether that spouse can even refinance the mortgage to get his or her ex-spouse off of the mortgage and promissory note. With the division of real property in any Kansas divorce or Missouri dissolution, properly apportioning the remaining mortgage liability or distributing the equity of marital real property is a difficult task that can greatly impact the division of other assets and debts. Similar tough questions arise when the division of real property includes a residence purchased prior to the marriage by one of the spouses, but the married couple’s shared earnings were used to pay the mortgage debt on that residence. If you, a family member, or a friend need assistance with determining the proper designation of personal property or the proper division of real property in a Kansas divorce or Missouri dissolution of marriage, contact the Flynn Law Firm today. Our experienced divorce attorneys have helped hundreds of clients through equitable division of personal property in family courts throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.