Family Law

There is no field of law that affects people so profoundly as Family Law because of the expansive emotional and personal ramifications.  Whether it’s a simple adjustment of monthly child support, or a complex and emotional divorce involving children and/or business ownership, we advocate strongly on our clients’ behalf to help them achieve their personal goals.  We ease our clients’ stress by answering phone calls and emails promptly, sharing copies of all major paperwork, and leveraging our experience and knowledge to advocate strongly for our clients’ interests.  In short, your problem is our problem.  Call or email when you’re ready for us to carry that burden for you in your family law case.

Family Law Practice Areas include:


The Flynn Law Firm has successfully represented clients in family-law cases throughout the state courts of Kansas and Missouri, including: Johnson County District Court (KS), Jackson County Circuit Court (MO), Wyandotte County District Court (KS), Clay County Circuit Court (MO), Cass County Circuit Court (MO), Leavenworth County District Court (KS), Miami County District Court (KS), Franklin County District Court (KS), and more.