Minor in Possession

Even though minor in possession charges do not often result in serious sentences, they can impact you in many other ways. These charges can impact your applications for schools, jobs, and more. As with most criminal charges, your case can turn on whether the police violated your constitutional rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, as guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. Our attorneys understand the complexities of the Fourth Amendment and how the police’s actions may cause the state to dismiss the charges against you. Our experienced attorneys will counsel you on what your best course of action is, whether it is a plea bargain to a less serious offense, diversion, taking your case to trial, or attempting to have your case dismissed prior to trial by filing a Motion to Suppress. At The Flynn Law Firm, we have two attorneys who have tried cases as prosecutors, and we use that experience to help predict what the state might do so that we can better advocate your case. Call us today to discuss your case.