Garnishment in Kansas and Missouri Courts

Garnishment is the method by which a party that has won a lawsuit may collect money from an uncooperative debtor.  A lawsuit's victorious party–frequently referred to as a "judgment creditor"–may use garnishment in Kansas and Missouri to get what is owed from the lawsuit's loser, known as the "judgment debtor."  

The judgment creditor may seek a garnishment in Kansas and Missouri to obtain the judgment debtor's money from third parties, like employers (to garnish wages) or banks (to garnish bank account funds).  In fact, a garnishment in Kansas and Missouri courts can be obtained against any third party that is indebted to the judgment debtor, or who possesses the judgment debtor's property.  And upon a garnishment order, that third party is court-ordered to turn over the debtor's money and property.

The Flynn Law Firm's collections attorneys have considerable experience in issuing garnishments in Kansas and Missouri.  We have used garnishments to satisfy large court judgments from the courts of Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and elsewhere.

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