Collections refers to a general body of law relating to the repayment of debts after a debtor has defaulted on an agreement to pay a creditor.  Sometimes creditors will attempt to collect their own debts, which can include methods like sending overdue-payment notices, or making phone calls to the debtor.  If those efforts are unsuccessful, creditors can turn to collection agencies or lawyers to apply greater pressure to pay what is owed.  Collection agencies serve their purpose, but there can be little doubt that a lawsuit filed by a collections law firm is an effective method to obtain satisfaction.

The Flynn Law Firm performs collections law services, but is not a collection agency.  We are a litigation law firm that is experienced in collecting debts through the initiation of collections lawsuits, and also through the enforcement proceedings for collections lawsuits that resulted in a judgment.

If you or your business are in need of a creditor-debtor attorney to secure repayment of a debt that is owed to you, contact The Flynn Law Firm’s experienced lawyers today.  We have had great success helping our clients be paid what they are owed, including satisfaction of large out-of-state judgments from Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and elsewhere.

Call or email today to put The Flynn Law Firm's account collections experience to work for you, whether you need to file an account collections lawsuit or you already have a judgment and are ready to be repaid.